Friday, January 23, 2009

I really want to go but...

There's a crop tomorrow. I soooo want to go but my friend isn't going. (sobs) Maybe I'll see how many are going to be there and then decide. I hate going to a crop where it's too crowded. I need roooooooooom! LOL We'll see, I guess.


  1. Girl! If i lived close I would go crop with you. None of my friends here in Louisville have the scappers addiction I have - so I only get to scrap with someone when my husbands family comes in from Ohio. They are the ones that originally got me hooked. I think that is whay I started a blog, so I could feel like I am not alone.

  2. These look great! love the frosted look! I have not signed up for a crop because they always look so crowded! I l know whatcha mean! tfs :)